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Forex Brokers Canada – Foreign Exchange Trading Providers

Forex trading for private investors has seen tremendous growth in recent years. From a trader’s point of view, this is often a shame, because forex traders with professional standards get pleasure from an account with the Forex Brokers Canada. The editors of show you ways you can clearly identify a provider from Canada and also explain the benefits and drawbacks of a Canadian Forex broker.

Best Canadian Forex Brokers

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FXChoice Canada
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Comparisons of Forex Brokers

comparisonThe forex market is that the largest financial market in the world. a couple of years ago only institutional investors were able to trade, but now private investors have the chance to profit from even the smallest fluctuations in foreign exchange rates with a wide variety of forex brokers. It doesn’t have to be a Forex broker Canada in every case, because other brokers also offer their customers attractive opportunities. The forex provider comparison, which is definitely possible on our website, shows which these are in detail.

These criteria should be kept in mind when comparing Forex brokers:

  • Amount of fees, spreads
  • Minimum deposit when opening an account
  • maximum leverage
  • available trading platforms
  • Regulation and deposit insurance

Demo accounts

More and more investors want to profit from the benefits of Forex trading. In order to limit the risks, it is smart to first test trading with a free forex demo account before opening a live account. German Forex brokers offer demo accounts , which are in fact available free of charge. With them, not only beginners but also savvy investors have the chance to find out various forex trading tips and trickstry out and then use them for your own trade. When selecting a demo account, however, you should confirm that these are not always available indefinitely. In many cases, use is limited to a couple of days or weeks. The providers naturally want to make sure that investors decide more quickly for a live account and trade with “real money”. Nevertheless, one should take the time to understand Forex trading and test it extensively in order to largely reduce the existing risks.

The IG trading platform

The most important things for you at a glance

  • Forex providers from Canada: This is how you can recognize a local broker “Forex Canada” in this interesting market segment
  • Canada forex brokers : advantages and disadvantages of a forex broker based and regulated in Canada
  • made critical, objective and provider-independent comparisons: We would be happy to recommend three forex brokers from Canada who have met our high test standards

The Checklist: Recognizing Forex Canada Brokers

There are some “soft” and “hard” criteria for the unambiguous identification of a Canadian forex broker.
As the best Forex provider , a broker should get a good expert rating on as many points as possible.

“Hard” criteria

    • The final withholding tax is automatically paid by the Forex Canada broker.
    • The company’s name clearly comes from Canada. That the firm does not cooperate with foreign companies, except of course in the liquidity pool. Numerous international partner companies are even a quality feature here.
    • The provider works with a “.ca” domain and a proper imprint is available.
    • A landline number can also hide a diversion to an international call center.
    • The forex provider is regulated with the IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada).

The decisive factor in the head-to-head race between several brokers can also be a free forex demo account if the offers offer comparably good conditions overall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex from Canada


  • Regulation by IIROC guarantees one of the highest regulatory standards in Canada. Therefore, “Forex Canada Brokers” are generally considered reputable and solid.
  • Misunderstandings due to unclear translations on the website are excluded.
  • The customer support speaks your language and not just as a second or third language.
  • You do not need to worry about paying the final withholding tax. This happens automatically and is documented for you with print documents for your tax return. In return, you can of course also claim speculative losses for tax purposes.


  • Every province in Canada has its own specific regulations and laws governing online Forex trading. That makes it hard for other traders when visiting or relocating to other provinces and have to adapt.
  • The final withholding tax is paid automatically; this is not the case with foreign providers. Under no circumstances should you succumb to the fallacy that you do not have to pay taxes on speculative profits because of this. The Canadian tax office has a good chance in an “anti-humor competition” with FSRA.

Our conclusion

It is always bad when the market consists of only a few suppliers or maybe none at all. Fortunately, this is often not so critical with our top recommendation EasyMarkets. This offer naturally competes with numerous Forex brokers from America because of the equal opportunities online.
So Canadian Forex brokers are still a real niche in the market, which can hopefully be dealt with by reputable in the coming years